Smart Quantum seeks investors with a passion for technology who are ready for an active contribution in technology solutions for communications and electronic sensors. The market is highly topical and growing strongly. However, the last two years have proved difficult for all companies operating in the high technology sector with capital investment, particularly in the Information, Technology and Communications (ITC) markets remaining depressed. 

Smart Quantum continued to invest heavily in new innovations and research during 2004, particularly strengthening its position in the potentially lucrative areas of network security, vision processing, asset tracking and wireless communications.  

The Smart quantum team has over 65 years of experience, knows how to access that market and is set to build a high value business around it. In return Smart Quantum offers dividends and a respectable equity stake. Potential investor exits are between 3-5 years typically via an industry trade sale or MBO.

The board of Smart Quantum invites you to explore this exciting opportunity further. Please email us at:

to register for a copy of our business-plan.

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