Smart Quantum can offer your company many design services to aid the development of your own programmes. We offer design services from concept through to design for production in both software and hardware systems.

Video surveillance system design - we provide a whole range of consulting services, right from defining the specifications of the system to re commending vendors that can fulfil your requirements.We knows the video surveillance industry extremely well and has extensive knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions offered by various vendors. At the same time, we has repeatedly undertaken some of the most complicated projects. Our solutions has been installed in banks, military bases, high-tech facilities, courts and other places, with many years of successful operation, close personal service and support.

Software Engineering - We can truly claim to offer software engineering services for the complete software lifecycle, and are IT approved. For all types of software developments, from embedded systems, real-time application, custom applications, and user interfaces, we can assist you with all your software needs.

Sensor Design - Not only do we have the ability to design both RF, digital and optical chip devices into your products, but we also have an extremely wide range of system and product knowledge. Our work is a unique combination of advanced system research in many different areas, with products encompassing communications, sensors, radar, military, RF and digital applications. This utilises the latest technologies and works alongside our production development, enabling us to keep our chip design skills on the cutting edge.

Optical System Design and Implementation - Optical system design techniques are finding roles and addressing requirements in an increasingly diverse range of fields, in areas such as metrology, environmental sensing, medicine and electronic warfare. The benefits offered by optical system design techniques centre on the high degree of parallel processing and the very high speed of operation inherent in the enormous bandwidth range occupied by the optical component of the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition, the compact and heat - EMI-free offered by fibre based optical system techniques can offer potentially unique and highly advantageous solutions for your product needs and requirements.

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