Our three core engineering activities are introduced below. In addition to design, development and consultancy work in these areas we also offer additional consultancy and design services in other related areas.

Closely tied to our work in communications is also our expertise in networks. We can assist in developing network systems from design and simulation through to deployment where we can also help with network management. We are familiar with wireless networked systems as well as the development of various network services (such as Internet applications and web management technologies) to run on this and other types of network. On the hardware side, we are world leaders in routing technology, wireless and FTTx infrastructures.

Communication Systems
We have experts in all fields of communication systems ready to assist you with your developments. Our solutions include fixed and mobile systems, Broadcast, Satellite, and short range Ultra Wide Band systems. As well as dealings with DAB receiver, our other work and achievements in communications include Software Defined Radio, Location Technologies for pin pointing the positions of handsets, and naturally we are also very active in the standardisation bodies to help define future communication systems.

Electronic Sensors
Our work in this area covers a very wide range of fields and applications which are continually expanding as more uses our found for our technologies. For example, we have applied our Acoustics knowledge to diverse applications from insect’s detection up to sub-sea communications. Other fields include Electro-magnetic Sensors (where our car-parking solution was developed); Imaging Systems, which brought us Laser-Radar-System™, a sub-nanosecond time synchronisation system, and the DTI™; Positioning and Timing Systems including our Tourist Information System and other RFID relevant products; and also Electro-Optic Systems.

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